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The Best Scale Book You Will Ever Own!

Why learn your scales?

Quite literally, scales are the 'alphabet' in the language of music! Everything that music IS comes from scales, in the same way that everything in your spoken and written language comes from the alphabet - without the alphabet, we wouldn't be able to form words, or sentences, or conversation.

Without individual notes, we wouldn't be able to form chords, or chord progressions, or songs. As well, in music, melodies are exclusively individual notes - melody, by definition, is "a sequence of single notes". In addition, one of the most important aspects of ear training is finding bass notes, which usually indicate what chords are being played, and as we all know, most bass lines are single notes. If you can gain a firm understanding of your guitar scales, then you will truly begin to understand the foundation of music! Every single part of music comes from its 'alphabet', in the same way that every part of your language comes from your alphabet. Remember, learning your ABCs was one of the first things you learned. Just so, learning the scales your instrument uses is just as important!

If you think about how you learned your spoken language, you first learned a few words, then quickly you were taught the alphabet. This is just like learning a few chords on your instrument, then learning your scales. Learning a few chords at first does help get you up and running, but the true understanding and fluency comes from knowing how everything gets put together.

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