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—from Players Who Are Using The Nashville Pattern!

"The Nashville Pattern! is a powerful and effective tool for any player at any level—beginners play scales quickly, while advanced players can better understand modes and visualizations..."
   Brent Barcus (Guitarist - Shania Twain)

"I have been learning scales for months now, and bought many books... when I sent for this one I figured it would be the same stuff—not so. Once you learn the little pattern, which is simple, the rest is easy to figure out... even the different starting places for the modes."
    P. Gresh, guitarist, Miami Beach, FL

"The book was worth every penny. Within 15 minutes I was playing on the whole fretboard, and actually knew what I was doing. It is a pattern book, but the difference is this—there is only one pattern and it covers all the scales in every mode and all the way across the fretboard. Like all beautiful things, it is simple."
   C. Dunn, bassist, Vermont, USA

"The simplicity of this pattern has shown me the magic in music! Right away I was doing things I thought only a professional could do - I never thought I could have this understanding at my level of playing."
   D. Doyle, guitarist, Tennessee, USA

"Thanks for helping me kick my bass-playing into overdrive! If I had access to this book earlier, I could have saved years of trial-and-error. Theory and technique rolled into one pattern - brilliant!"
   G. Bowers, bassist, Richmond, VA

"The Nashville Pattern! does provide players with a high level of fluency that typically comes from years of playing... simplifies scales and harmony. (Players will) find much to supplement their knowledge in The Nashville Pattern."
    Guitar World Magazine

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